Look all around you, at the trees, flowers, sun, oceans, fruit and vegetables.  How do these things exist? Are they inanimate, or do they have a life force? How do they procreate?


Do we see them having sex?

No the nature you see all around you is propelled by cycles of a creative force.

I want you to understand this intrinsically.  You have a cycle within you. You do not choose when to have it, there is a force that brings it on in  a timely fashion so long as homeostasis/balance exists.


You do not decide when at what age you would menstruate for the first time, nor do you know exactly at what age your menstruation cycle will stop.

As you know this cycle is primarily about procreation, having the ability to co-create another human being in loving intercourse, and being of the opposite gender.

It is important for you to know that during your ovulation, and through to the end of your period, your womb is ready to conceive and birth your creations, which you can go on to manifest during your lifespan.


During ovulation your intuition is heightened. For me personally I typically have insights and premonitions around this time.  

If you want to manifest and create your highest ideas, other than a child, then this is the time to do it.  Work with nature, not against it. You can take things a step further and work with the cycles of the moon. This is not negative, as some people will try to scare you that you are dabbling in witchcraft, which I will explain in more detail later.


This is innerstanding that as women we have a water balance, hence our bodies hold more water during our cycle.  The moon affects the rise, ebb and flow of water on the planet. The movement of the seas and oceans, is governed by the moon.  

The moon itself goes through lunar phases called waxing and waning. The moon and its phases affect the water levels in your body, and especially the brain, hence the term lunatic.  Lunar being moon, and tic being a small creature that burrows in the body, or something that ails. (Ensure you download the moon chart, from the resources in the members area.)


We as women can become so attuned to each other, that if we are regularly in the company of another woman or woman, say at work or family members. Our periods can literally change days, without us consciously deciding to make it happen, and we start to menstruate at similar and even the same times!



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